Eve Luckring: Another Dialogue with The Marvelous



What is poetry?
          Yours or mine?

Question Michelle Tennison,  Answer Eve Luckring (2017)


What lives in sincerity?
          one to eat
          one to stone
          you with


What is remembering?
          Wanting to trust the shape a wave makes


What is stirring in my gut?
          (When) connecting the dots makes a circle


Questions Eve Luckring,  Answers Michelle Tennison (2017)


I have long been a fan of — and been inspired by — the work of Los Angeles artist and poet Eve Luckring. One of the gifts of haiku is that it allows us to recognize a kindred spirit, even across a continent. This is how I felt about Eve even before we connected recently through playing the Question and Answer Game.  I felt I could trust her with some difficult questions, and I was right. I hope I was able to answer a few for her as well.



Is God happy?
          The salt in seaweed


How will the world end?
          A bat released from a bubbling spring


Questions Michelle Tennison,  Answers Eve Luckring (2017)


What reveals disguise?
          When all the walls disappear


What do you call into your heart upon awakening?
          Like rain on sugar


What is forgiveness?
          A silence that rests inside fire


Questions Eve Luckring,  Answers Michelle Tennison (2017)


Thank you, Eve, for being you. It was wonderful, I would even say  Marvelous, “meeting” you this way.



transpersonal zinnia signedjpg

Photograph by Michelle Tennison


It is a cry of the mind turning toward itself and determined in desperation to crush its fetters.

Surrealist tract, 1925


What if a question does not have an answer?
          One more step

Q&A Session with Timothy Binkele, Anna Binkele (age 14), Seth Binkele (age 11), Cole Binkele (age 5), Ella Binkele (age 3), Mary Ellen Binkele, and Michelle Tennison (2015)


What is deja vu?
          A blind person’s description of a sea anemone

Question Michelle Tennison, Answer Paul Miller (2014)


How can you recognize your own despair?
          A phoenix rising

Question Michelle Tennison, Answer Eve Luckring (2017)