“The ability to perceive or think differently is more important than the knowledge gained.” — David Bohm


Version 6

Dormez Vous,  photograph by Michelle Tennison*



what is your

still, small voice
          That which is overheard while in a coma

Question Sabine Miller,  Answer Michelle Tennison (2015)


*The bee must have spent the night on this cosmos flower. It awoke about a half hour after this photo was taken.

The Integrity of the Heart

Version 2

Opening Sunflower, photograph by Michelle Tennison


What if we can feel our way through illusion with the integrity of the heart? Novel universes might be waiting there.

What does the heart see that the mind cannot?
          The aisle to eternity

Question Michelle Tennison,   Answer Dietmar Tauchner  (2017)

A Game of Chance or a Tear in the Fabric of Duality?

Version 3

–Photograph by Michelle Tennison


We are often shocked to find how well random answers to questions seem to make sense, and in fact they frequently expand upon what we thought was possible. Maybe things aren’t necessarily so cut and dry. When we find new “answers” to old questions we shine a light on everyday commonalities and the fact that one thing is not exclusive of another. Maybe without even realizing it we are opening up a new paradigm of oneness.

When the four elements separate, where will you go? (after a Zen koan)
          God’s spittle

Question Michelle Tennison,  Answer Dietmar Tauchner  (2017)



blackberry blossoms

Blackberry Blossoms, digital photograph by Michelle Tennison, 2017


Is there … anything more charming, more fruitful and of a more positively stimulating nature than the commonplace?

— Charles Baudelaire, Salon de 1859

What is prayer?
          I see a purple flower underneath some vines on the long, long walk to you.

Q&A Session Mary Ellen Binkele and Michelle Tennison,  (1999)