“Poetry should be made by all.”

— Lautreamont

A Lit Jellyfish is a forum for the literary game of chance known as Questions and Answers, invented by the French Surrealists in the 1920s.

The aim of A Lit Jellyfish is to present current and archived results from having played this game for two decades with family,  friends, and other haiku poets, and to share thoughts and speculations regarding its relationship to the creative process.  All Q&A postings are exactly as originally conceived, meaning they are not edited.

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As A Lit Jellyfish evolves, I hope to incorporate  Q&As from Brave New Players — those who wish to take a chance and play the game with me too. If the results are as exciting as I know they can be, I will post them here for everyone to enjoy. As you will discover, The Question and Answer Game is provocative, often mind-altering, sometimes hilarious, and most of all fun!




Michelle Tennison is the author of murmuration, a collection of contemporary haiku published by Red Moon Press. A limited number of copies are currently available from the author. If interested please inquire via the Contact Page of this website.




hits the rose and
remembers everything

just please how to forgive spring rain

Early praise for murmuration:

murmuration explores the intersection of heart and mind, conscious and unconscious with unquestionable integrity. A quiet alchemy, indeed.

— Lee Gurga

Michelle Tennison’s poetry awakens all six senses. Utterly human and mystically resplendent, these poems reorient the dimensions of self, everyday space, and sentience. This is a book of delicate alchemy and dazzling percipience that reverberates beyond its pages.

— Eve Luckring

Within, you will find all the notes you have forgotten. Among many possible descriptions, “river flowing through the trees a language of light”:  to open this wonderful book is to open to song.”

— Richard Gilbert

[Tennison’s] work feels very modern, yet nothing is forced merely for effect. She is perhaps a step ahead of us in linguistic time.

–Paul Miller, editor of Modern Haiku