Beverly Borton, No Known Address, 4.5″ x 6.5″  image constructed of mailing envelopes

1) Is the universe random, chaotic, and meaning arbitrary . . .
or 2) is there actually an implicate order and intelligence wherein everything is linked to everything else?


What is eternity?
          Inside the forest:
          all these textures,
          one body

Q&A Session with Mary Ellen Binkele and Michelle Tennison (1998)

What do you seek?
          Time lapse photography

Question Christopher Herold,  Answer Michelle Tennison (2017)

Is love enough?
          John Denver’s conception

Q&A Session Paul Cunniff, Sharon Cunniff, Mary Ellen Binkele, and Michelle Tennison

sometimes you don’t know

You’re thinkin’: How does a person know if they’re crazy or not?  Well, sometimes you don’t know.  Sometimes you can go through life suspecting you are but never really knowing for sure.  Sometimes you know for sure ’cause you got so many people tellin’ you you’re crazy that it’s your word against everyone else’s.

— “Trudy,” played by Lily Tomlin in The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe, written by Jane Wagner


How many truths are there?
          Building a cabinet of cabinets to leap through

Question Christopher Herold,  Answer Michelle Tennison (2017)

Who hears but me hears all

— Surrealist proverb, Paul Eluard and Benjamin Peret


What is a dream?
          The voice of a monkey out in the darkness

Q&A Session with Mary Ellen Binkele and Michelle Tennison (1999)

Where did the melody for Amazing Grace come from?

          Under the ivy on the wall, a flock of birds singing

Question Michelle Tennison, Answer Mark Harris (2016)

How do we know when to forgive ourselves?
          Music only you can hear

Q&A Session with Paul Cunniff, Sharon Cunniff, Mary Ellen Binkele, and Michelle Tennison

What is the real meaning of being alone?

          Trying to hold hands with the sound of the ocean

Question Christopher Herold,  Answer Michelle Tennison (2017)

“Reality is Fabricated Out of Desire” — Man Ray


Will this dream ever end?
          I bet heaven is also what you make of it.

Question Christopher Herold,  Answer Michelle Tennison (2017)


Fairy dust, plus
a little wind
makes what?
          At extreme magnification it remains star-shaped.

Question Sabine Miller,  Answer Michelle Tennison  (2015)


Saved by The Marvelous?


I don’t know if Andre Breton ever really defined the concept of The Marvelous, a term he used to describe that transcendent, almost magical connectedness that collaborative surrealist games of chance and other surrealist techniques can occasionally attain, but some related concepts might shed light on its creative expression. The following passage from Ervin Lazlo’s Science and the Akashic Field discusses consciousness within the transpersonal realm and its promise:

Transpersonal consciousness is open to more of the information that reaches our brain than the consciousness still dominant today. This could have momentous consequences. It could produce greater empathy among people, and greater sensitivity to animals, plants, and the entire biosphere. It could create subtle contact with the rest of the cosmos. When a critical mass of humans evolves to the transpersonal level of consciousness, a higher civilization is likely to emerge with deeper solidarity and a higher sense of justice and responsibility.

— Ervin Lazlo, Science and the Akashic Field

Where does your body stop and everything else begin?
            A residual memory pulls us toward its center

Question Christopher Herold,  Answers Michelle Tennison (2017)