More Surrealist Fun

I love the Surrealists! Sometimes you just need a good laugh.

Another literary game of chance:

The first player writes the opening of a sentence beginning with “If” or “When” and then conceals it. The second player finishes the sentence in the conditional or future tense.

This game, also invented by the French Surrealists in the early decades of the 20th Century, is referred to as CONDITIONALS in the book Surrealist Games, compiled and presented by Alastair Brotchie and edited by Mel Gooding, 1993.

Here’s what happened when Sabine Miller bravely agreed to jump into the surreal swimming pool with me once again:


If popsicles were used as currency
clarity could be bought but not sold

If Dracula went through menopause
lines would succumb to music

If shadows would just get on with it
a patriot would kneel to the sea

Michelle Tennison,  Sabine Miller (2017)


If a telephone could bleed language
dogs will finally laugh out loud

If a rosebug could engineer a rose
flowers would know where to go

If we are ships with bananas as rudders
doctors would stop daydreaming

Sabine Miller,  Michelle Tennison (2017)