When Meaning is Resonant

The term resonance has long been associated with the felt-depth of meaning and intuitively realized truth of haiku. It also plays a role in comprehension of the results of The Question and Answer Game.  Both haiku and the surrealist Q&A Game are by design nonlinear, and both can create a window into some of the mysteries of non-ordinary consciousness. The dictionary definition of resonance tells us that it is “the ability to evoke or suggest images, memories, and emotions,” but within the realm of physics it is also clearly a factor of vibration. Resonance is also “the reinforcement or prolongation of sound by reflection from a surface or by the synchronous vibration of a neighboring object.” In the case of an individual responding to a work of literature or art, the implication of resonance is that there is some kind of energetic exchange and/or harmonious vibrational communion of heart (emotion) and of mind (memory/perception) involved. Something in the poem or artwork strikes a resonant chord within our being, a sense of expansion occurs, and we experience a recognition of Truth.

I personally find that the effect it is not too far off from that of the Sanskrit greeting Namaste, which loosely translates as The God within me recognizes the God within you.

Blues For a New Age

As Homo sapiens continues its evolutionary transition to perception of an ever broader range of the light spectrum

New one-syllable words for the color blue:


New two-syllable words for the color blue:


And going forward, acceptable general substitutions for the word blue shall include “misunderstood” and/or “snowy owl.”



5 X 7 watercolor and haiku by Sabine Miller, 2017





The above poem is from Burl, one of my favorite haiku collections of all time, written by Mark Harris and published by Red Moon Press.
As are these:






to be
five instars in


Mark was kind enough to play a round of Questions and Answers with me. The results are still resonating and expanding for me, months later. Some have already appeared on A Lit Jellyfish. Here are a few more:


Is fear necessary?
          Lessons learned from despair


What is group hypnosis?
          It’s like crossing a field of dry goldenrod stalks


Why are the ice caps melting?
          A moth fluttering in a closed hand


Questions Michelle Tennison,  Answers Mark Harris (2016)