I admit that two-and-two-makes-four is an excellent thing, but if all things are to be praised, I should say that two-and-two makes five is also a delightful thing.

–Feodor Dostoevsky

What is the secret life of numbers?
          A black spot just outside your field of vision

Question Michelle Tennison, Answer Mark Harris (2016)

How long is a moment?
          Remember me

Question Mary Ellen Binkele, Answer Michelle Tennison (2016)

A New Truth

The strangely beautiful juxtapositions engendered by The Question and Answer Game can, when successful, highlight the revolutionary gifts of Surrealism. The rational mind is sidestepped. Mental habit is challenged. Our social conditioning is no longer in control. Even our personal story and world view can be called into question in order to make sense of  a radically new correlation of ideas. We aren’t really sure how it is possible, but somehow this thing confronting us just feels true in a new way.

What is the moment of conception?
          Lost to her breath given willingly

Question Michelle Tennison,  Answer Chris Hudson (2010)

What am I doing in the other dimensions?
          The perfume of strangers

Question Michelle Tennison, Answer Sabine Miller (2015)

How will I know you in the afterlife?
          The heart outside my body

Q&A Session with Mary Ellen Binkele and Michelle Tennison (2014)